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We are very proud of our unparalleled reputation. But, in the event you haven't had the opportunity to speak with someone who has experienced first-hand the special joy of a Progressive School education, here are some excerpts from recent unsolicited letters—many of which come from educators.

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Dear Eric,

I am writing to thank you for welcoming Brian into your family at Progressive School. Brian came to Progressive School in 7th grade without knowing any of the students or teachers. Everyone welcomed him. The teachers at Progressive are superb. They are very knowledgeable and approachable. They engage the students while challenging them. The teachers help the students to grow and become independent thinkers. Creativity is always encouraged at Progressive as well. Creativity is incorporated into the curriculum in the main subject areas as well as all the specials. The children are exposed to art, music and drama. This year Brian particularly loved the computer class as he has a passion for computer science. Progressive School is such a great community because it is centered in service. The students take an active role in deciding how to serve the community. The entire faculty and administration models and teaches the importance of service. I cannot thank you enough for allowing Brian to be part of your family for these past two years. He will graduate Progressive being extremely prepared and ready for high school.

On a personal note I would like to thank you for allowing me to work with Carol and the children in the art room for the past two years. I am a teacher and have been in many classrooms and the students at Progressive are truly special. The students at Progressive are loving, creative, inquisitive and intelligent. I know that this is a result of the atmosphere created by the faculty and administration that allows the students to blossom and grow. Thank you again for welcoming our whole family into the Progressive family. You have always been there to answer questions and help in any way you can.

-- Jennifer Power



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