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For independent electives (see program/ curriculum), or STUVOL (student volunteering), many students choose to engage in local or global service initiatives.  These applied learning activities are often extensions of inspirational lessons in literature, social studies or science.  While practicing acquired academic skills, children are discovering their ties to the larger world, and that they can indeed make a difference.

Your help and support are needed!  Below are current service projects:
WHO: Nadiya and George
WHAT: Fundraiser for school in Egypt
WHEN: April 28- May 2
WHERE: in the middle school
INFO:  We will be selling toys and treats for a week.

2013/2014 Service Triumphs! :
JUMP ROPE FOR HEART-- $2800 for American Heart Association
PENNIES FOR PUFFINS -- $226 by Miles M.
MATH ESTIMATION FAIR-- $600 for Breast Cancer
MOVIE NIGHT -- $800 for Progressive School
"I AM MALALA" -- $400 for Nile River School

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