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K: Sangeeta Patel   5: Lorraine Farron   Director: Eric Jacobson
K: Amanda Watkins   5: Norma Colon   Admin: Benay Deitman
1: Jennifer Catriana   6: Shannon Mills   Admin: JoAnn Schwartz
1: Kara Novak   6: Amal Jacobson   Edu. Assistant:Amal Jacobson
2: Deborah Denson        
2: Cathy Stellino   7/8: Stacy Gurman   Music: Bruce Katz
3: Cynthia Serafin-Maus   7/8: Tara Dolezal   Spanish: Nelly Real-Korb
3: Lisa Meyer   7/8: Daniel Huang   Art: Carol Fischer-Rosenthal
4: Jennifer Sauter   7/8: Lou LaRusso    Phys Ed: Roger Mischel
4: Megan Guzman       Drama: Laura Carrington 


"Our teachers are the best. They're cool!"

That's what our students would say. As an educator, it is essential that teachers enjoy the company of children, and vice versa. An affectionate, respectful relationship is considered key in the free and easy exchange of ideas. The ability to communicate clearly, be creative, and have an abundant knowledge of the subject matter are also salient qualities required of Progressive's teachers.

Teachers are important role models for young people. Therefore, above all, they should be of high moral character, pleasing personality, and emotionally very stable. Many teachers are looking for an ideal that they can believe in and devote themselves to. We openly share all aspects of our philosophy, and choose candidates who can sympathize and wish to attune their teaching style to its ideals.

Get to know our teachers. Click on their name for a brief introduction that they wrote about each other.

Progressive School of Long Island

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