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1st: Jennifer Catriana

Jennifer took a circuitous route to Progressive. Her undergraduate degrees are in Art and Occupational Therapy, and she worked as a legal proofreader, a paralegal at a Wall Street law firm, and as an OT in a psychiatric hospital on locked units and in day programs. OT was wonderful, but she left for the best job of all, raising her two daughters.

After hearing about Progressive and loving its educational philosophy and ideals of service, unity, and meditation, Jennifer returned to school to get a master's degree in education so that she could apply to work there. After being lucky enough to get a student teaching position under an inspiring mentor in first grade, she had the good fortune to be able to join the Progressive family. She often tells people that she now has the cutest job in the world; watching children learn and grow makes every day special.

A bit of a cat lady (and turtle/tortoise fan), Jennifer also enjoys bird watching, gardening, reading, visiting the Farm Sanctuary, making microloans on Kiva, and cooking her way through vegan cookbooks. She also enjoys collecting and posting poetry and quotations (on her walls and online). Here are two quotations she would like to share:

Mas­tery of life depends on mas­ter­ing the mind. If we want to grow to our fullest human stature, the Buddha would say, all we have to do is teach the mind to think dif­fer­ently; how to be calm, kind, and creative in any situation. --Eknath Easwaran

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. -- Leo Tolstoy

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