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7/8 Science - Stacy Gurman

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    Mrs. Stacy Gurman is a Merrick resident, mother of two, who has a great passion for Science.  She has her BA's in Biology/Psychology/Education and her Masters in Science/Educational Technology from Hofstra and C.W. Post.  Stacy also takes additional elective college classes to further her education.
     Stacy ran Science programs for Hofstra University's Summer Science Program, Twin Oaks Country Day School & Lawrence Woodmere Academy.  This past summer, Stacy taught an Animal Science education program to children ranging in age from nursery school age children to middle school age children.  Animals are a special interest Stacy and her family share.  They housed several animals over the summer including a green iguana, chinchilla, lion head rabbit, bearded dragon, box turtle, red eared tortoise and even a white dove.  These residents made their Summer quite interesting! 
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     Stacy also acted as the Student Life Coordinator and Health teacher in Solomon Schechter Middle & High School.  She organized special school events, meetings and after school clubs.  In addition, as the Health teacher she implemented a successful Sexual Education program for the girls and the boys. 
     As an educator, Stacy prefers alternative methods of assessment that are constructive and hands-on in nature.  She believes her students will learn best by involving as many of their senses a possible.  During her lessons she provides her students with visual, auditory and sensory items to cater to all of her learners.  However, she still provides her students with a NYS Regents-based curriculum through out the school year so that they are prepared for their future high school education.  
    Stacy believes that her students will benefit from sharing their experiences with each other as well as sharing them with her.  She does a lot of group work during her classes as well as her labs to facilitate a multi-faceted learning environment.  Her students learn from her, from each other and on their own.  She believes in creating well-rounded individuals while addressing different learning styles in a family oriented environment.
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Personal quote - "The world after middle school graduation can be scary.  I want to prepare my students for their future in every way that I can.  Middle School. High School or Adulthood, we are all life-long learners.  Let's "take it all in" together!   -Stacy Gurman Smile 

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