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Progressive School will offer a majors content program, plus Art and Spanish, as well as enrichment content program for special interests.  In order to be a full homeschool curriculum, parents will have to provide hygiene and physical education in New York.


Special Features:

  • Content – a values-driven curriculum that is academically flexible and designed to help children help discover the interconnectedness of all things
  • Method – with a premium put on long-term retention and practical usage, we put more emphasis on participation, projects, celebrations, and practice than on traditional short term regurgitation and forgetting


  • From March- June all of our students were on Distance Learning, and so we know that we are prepared to accept remote students into the program (limited in 2020 to 5 per grade)
  • “I can’t say enough about the tremendous job you are doing. Public districts are falling apart in their academics and you continue to shine. The kids are happy, learning, and love staying connected with their teachers and friends. The teachers have been so gentle and accommodating.  We are so very happy and have told people all over what a great job our school is doing – not only to other parents in different districts but also to administrators and teachers we are friends with.  Having tech geeks at Hofstra set it up was brilliant. Most schools are using Google classroom and it’s not going so well from what I hear from both parents and teachers. Canvas is fairly easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. After the first couple weeks, the boys have been able to do much of everything on their own.  You guys didn’t miss a beat and it’s been greatly appreciated. More than the academics, though, the staff is always dedicated to the needs and well-being of the kids. You clearly make that the priority. You just get it. It’s made this transition less anxiety-producing and uncertain for our kids. We love and appreciate you all so much.”   — Jihan Thomas, educational activist
  • Hofstra University is so pleased with our performance that they invited all our K-8 teachers to teach in their summer school distance learning

Highlights from our Spring 2020:
Kindergarten “Quarantine Cookbook”
1st grade “Animal Detectives project”
2nd grade “Historical Heroes Living Museum”
3rd grade “Adopt a State”
4th grade “Colony Game”
5th grade “Invention Convention”
6th grade “Science Fair”
Middle school “Virtual World Museums Tour”



Details for the fall will be forthcoming by October 1st.