1st: Kara Novak

Ms. Kara feels she was born to teach! As early as age 3 she would gather her stuffed animals together, teach them the alphabet and “read” to them.  Starting at age 10 she gave up going to camp herself to volunteer her time in a local summer nursery school program, where she became a favorite of the preschoolers.

Kara is a real animal lover, spending much of her free time with her three dogs and her rabbit.  She also loves to ride her bicycle, explore Manhattan and go to local comedy clubs, since her favorite thing to do is to laugh.

Kara holds a degree in Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education.  Her interests include computers and technology. She has training in graphic arts.  She is excited to be able  to work with the smaller classes that Progressive offers, so that she can individualize instruction based on each student’s individual strengths and needs.

Kara is NY state certified to teach N-6 and Special Education.  She was a permanent substitute in the Lynbrook district, and also worked in several other districts on Long Island.