1st: Kara Novak

Ms. Kara feels she was born to teach! Her teaching career began when she was in elementary school. She would come home eager to teach her stuffed animals what she had learned that day in school. She was inspired by her teachers, and saw them as role models.

Ms. Kara’s approach to curriculum is that children learn in different ways and draws upon her creative and artistic side to design activities and projects. As a primary age teacher, she tries to incorporate skills her students need while steering the curriculum in the interests of the children. An example of this is her unit on fairy tales. The children are asked to view the stories through the viewpoint of the different characters in the story, and examine a tale’s theme through different cultures.

As an undergraduate, Kara was a graphic design major. Her interest in teaching inspired her to also pursue childhood education and earn a master’s degree in special education from Dowling College. She found her observation and student teaching provided a wealth of hands-on activity ideas. She is excited to be able to work with the smaller classes that Progressive offers, so that she can diversify instruction based on her student’s individual strengths and needs.

Ms. Kara enjoys animals, bike riding, and going to comedy clubs. Perhaps this is why she is always smiling.