5/6th: Amal Jacobson

Amal Jacobson is no stranger to the Progressive School and way of life. An alumni of the class of 1997, Amal gained a love of learning from his time at Progressive that has both followed and guided him throughout his life.

Rather than focusing just on skills, Amal followed his passions and interests which led him to Europe to explore his interests in neohumanism for three years following high school. Following his time living abroad, Amal was still drawn to the beautiful landscapes in our own area and returned to pursue his B.A. at SUNY New Paltz, an amazing liberal arts school in a beautiful area in upstate New York. His love of literature that began at Progressive flourished and was strengthened by being in the American wilderness. Amal’s love of nature brings him back to the Hudson River Valley frequently, for various purposes including hiking, photography, and the soothing impact nature has on all of us.

After his undergraduate studies, Amal sought a university that would help apply knowledge to real world situations and found a home at the California Institute of Integral Studies where he earned his Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness. Amal has applied this in his own life and teachings, helping students to see the interconnectedness of all that is around them.

Amal has carved a place for himself in the sixth grade classroom but remains an ever present friend to the middle school students as well, running middle school morning meditation as well as the Big Ideas Club, which allows students to really think outside the box deeply. Amal has also helped bring out the competitive spirit in Current Event debates but also ensured a respect for each other’s opinions that has helped our students with real life problem solving.