Science Department Head: stacy gurman

Mrs. Stacy Gurman is a Merrick resident, mother of two, who has a great passion for Science.  She has her BA’s in Biology/Psychology/Education and her Masters in Science/Educational Technology from Hofstra and C.W. Post.  Stacy also takes additional elective college classes to further her education.

As an educator, Stacy prefers alternative methods of assessment that are constructive and hands-on in nature.  She believes her students will learn best by involving as many of their senses a possible.  During her lessons she provides her students with visual, auditory and sensory items to cater to all of her learners.  Stacy believes that her students will benefit from sharing their experiences with each other as well as sharing them with her.  She does a lot of group work during her classes as well as her labs to facilitate a multi-faceted learning environment.  Her students learn from her, from each other and on their own.  She believes in creating well-rounded individuals while addressing different learning styles in a family oriented environment.

Stacy teaches science in the Progressive Middle School.
She is kind and creative! Her homemade posters are so cool!
Her house is affectionately called, “The Gurman Zoo!”
In it lives tortoises, rabbits, hamsters, snakes, ducks… oh, and kids too!
Known as the “Nature Lady,” she loves teaching science crafts at camp!
If you go into her classroom, you’ll find Houdini, the iguana, under her lamp!
Stacy can sometimes be accident prone, and is working on not being late.
Looking for a brilliant teacher and person? Ms. Stacy is truly great!