Reading:  We are reviewing elements of plot. Currently, we are using Crash to determine exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. We will be discussing theme and conflict as well. Students should be reading independent selections at this time.

Writing:  Students are working towards revising and editing their letters to their reps, with the hopes they will be mailed at the latest next week. We reviewed the format once more, as it should follow the specific example provided to them.  Also, as writing is a process that takes time to get to the “publishing stage,” students will continue to make edits and revisions to their monster essays, until it is perfected.

Social Studies:  We have begun discussing the unglamorous life of a soldier. Students will be introduced to games, music, and food of the time. We may discuss other battles this week, if time permits.

Math: We are finishing up our multiplication chapter and will be having a test on Friday. 

Science:  This is our final week on the Ecosystem/Animal Adaptations unit. We still have a couple presentations to get through. The end of the unit test will be this Wednesday. 

Grammar:  We will be working on the different types of verbs. 

Growth Mindset: I will continue reading Wishtree by Katherine Applegate to the class. We will be making our “Welcome Leaves” and creating a class wishtree. This book lends itself to teaching children about respect for others who have a different culture than their own. It also opens the room up for discussions on wishes, the environment and how to treat others, humans, animals and/or plants. 

Spelling: There is no spelling this week. As there have been a few problems with using the website. Spelling with resume next week.