Reading: We have completed Home of the Brave and watched the true story of the Lost Boys that inspired this novel. We will be entering learning about plot and theme using short stories before we read our next novel.

Writing:  Students are working towards completion of their persuasive monster writing.  We concentrated on skills and strategies used for paragraph writing, creating a 5 paragraph essay. 

Social Studies:  Genealogy projects are complete! They were beautiful! We have now entered the Industrial Revolution. We will be discussing child labor this week and students will participate in an activity to further their knowledge of some of the stressors for children at work. 

Math: We will be working on Prime Factorization, Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple and Exponents. Long division will also be reinforced with enrichment.  

Science:  Children will be exploring different adaptations of animals regarding function and structure of the animal. Children will explore the YellowStone National Park ecosystem Pre and Post wolves release. We will also be playing Planet, Ecosystem and Animal Opoly from Animal Planet. These team board games will reinforce what we are learning in a more active way. I will be explaining to them the rubric and directions for their animal or plant adaptations project. 

Grammar: We will be wrapping up working with homophones, homographs and homonyms. Children will also start exploring Concrete and Abstract Nouns, 

Growth Mindset: We will be reading The Dreamer  by Il Sung Na. We’ll have a class discussion about how we all have different dreams and it is important not to give up on them. 

Spelling: We have started spelling this week. Not everyone has the same list, the words they receive are based on their spelling stage. Children will be introduced to different activities for spelling to help them become strong spellers at their own pace.