Reading: We continue with Esperanza Rising. This week, students will have a quick introduction to the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl to understand the story a little better historically. Students are required to annotate on post-its for class novels. 

Writing:  Students are now beginning to set up their writer’s notebooks. We will be concentrating on pre-writing strategies this week. Students will also be introduced to their next writing assignment.

Social Studies: We have begun our journey to Angel Island, taking a virtual tour and learning about how it was used as a detention center. We will be reading a story entitled Coolies, which highlights many experiences faced by Chinese immigrants during the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. 

Math: We will continue our work with  decimals; place value, representation, and conversion. In the technology section, children will be using XtraMath and SplashMath for extra enrichment. We will also be using collaborative games to enhance understanding.

Science: As we continue with Weather, this week we had our field trip to the Vanderbilt Planetarium. We also did a study on hurricanes and how to save the imaginary town of Beachtown with wetlands, levees, seawalls and stilts. We also focused on thunder and lightning. 

Life Skills: We will be reading “Ricky the Rock Who Couldn’t Roll” and how his friends never gave up on trying to get him down the hill. 

Grammar: We will be working with different types of nouns and where to place commas while writing. 

Important Dates/Trips: 

October 21st- Hallockville Museum Farm, Riverhead