Pic of the Week

Upcoming:  Everyone should be authenticated with their Microsoft account by this Friday, October 9.  This is important so that we can maintain continuity of instruction in the event of:

  • a student being absent or on vacation
  • a class going on quarantine for 2 weeks (this can happen without warning)
  • a shutdown order from the Governor

The PETTING ZOO is almost ready!  Probably by Wednesday next week when we reopen after the holiday.

Week at a glance:  STUVOL food collection for Island Harvest continues this week.  THANK YOU ALL WHO ARE PARTICIPATING!!!

Best Links:  We have several slide show displays of Art Projects here.


  1. SCHOOL CLOSED MONDAY (10/12 Columbus Day) and TUESDAY (10/13 Staff Development Day)
  2. Please communicate with the school if your child is out sick, and explain the nature of their illness.

Review:  In the picture we see a beautiful response to literature as students paint sounds they hear based on a book with a character who has synesthesia.