The year of best practice

The Progressive School has thrived for 33 years with a wide variety of themes. One thing that has not changed over the course of those years is the school’s philosophy.
The way in which that philosophy touches our school is represented by the graphic at the left. Just as the thumb touches each finger of the hand, so does the philosophy of neohumanism touch every aspect of what makes up the complete Progressive School experience.

Neohumanist education can be simplified into three basic tenets:
• Expanding the Heart
• Freeing the Mind
• Serving Society

This philosophy affects how we think, act, make decisions, and live our lives. It affects our curriculum choices, and the methods we prefer to use for long-term retention and values creation. Finally, it affects the way we assess our students.

All together, we call this best practice. We view this year as an opportunity to review, rethink, and retrain ourselves, as well as a wonderful way to help our newer staff members assimilate into our rich educational culture.