Teaching is easy when a student loves to come to school. It might even become difficult to keep up with them! That’s the way we want it.

From experience, we know that when the children are having fun, they remember what they learn. How do you make playing and fun, educational? Easy.

Kindergarteners are building a city with streets, homes, official buildings, a community center, and outdoor places for people to meet. Yes, social science can be fun.

First graders are making bird whistles out of clay. Some of them are testing the whistles out at the window, by their bird feeder. Good idea!

Second graders are hatching butterflies, and making little metamorphosis journals. They won’t stop for lunch.

Third graders are baking goods to raise money for a local charity.  They are measuring, following directions, timing, checking temperatures, … is there something else going on here?

Fourth graders are dressed up in costumes. We see Columbus, some Native Americans, a King and Queen, some sailors, a priest, and a courtroom with a judge and jury. Is this a play, or a research project?

Fifth graders are taking apart old computers, phones, VCRs, blenders, radios, etc., and creating their own inventions. In fact, one of them has applied for a patent. They are getting ready for their invention convention.

Sixth graders are conducting an Egyptian burial ceremony. Who’s the mummy? How did they learn the music, the dress, the language, the science and the significance of all this? Where are the textbooks?

Middle schooler are planning a special assembly featuring demonstrations of some of this year’s best electives: the Kung Fu club, the Art club, the Jazz dance club, and the homeless feeding project. They are in charge of everything from the schedule to the budget, including writing letters to all the parents. What could be better than being in charge?  However, before sending out those important letters, do you think they will check them for spelling and grammar errors?  You bet they will, and they won’t need anyone to tell them to. That’s the beauty of learning and fun going hand in hand.

For more serious play time, we also have the following activities and events:
— The only Long Island school to have IMAGINATION PLAYGROUND
— Family play day at Hofstra
— Fall festival
— Field Day at Fraser Park
— Math Estimation Fair
— School plays for each class
— Musical celebrations
— Class heirloom projects for school auction
— School picnic, sports, water play, and color festival at Seaman’s Neck Park