For independent electives (see program/ curriculum), or STUVOL (student volunteering), many students choose to engage in local or global service initiatives.  These applied learning activities are often extensions of inspirational lessons in literature, social studies or science.  While practicing acquired academic skills, children are discovering their ties to the larger world, and that they can indeed make a difference.
Your help and support are needed!  Below are current service projects:
WHO: Stuvol supports LI Head Start
WHAT: Toy Drive for Long Island
WHEN: till December 14
WHERE: boxes in Elementary and Middle School
INFO: new, unwrapped toys and books for kids and babies through age 5

WHO: California Fire Foundation
WHAT: Bake Sale
WHEN: December 18
WHERE: 2nd grade
INFO: items are $.25 – $1

2018/2019 Service Triumphs! :
300 pounds of food delivered to Long Island Harvest
HALLOWEEN PARTY– $2000 for Progressive School
FALL FESTIVAL — $400 each to SOS Children’s Villages and Progressive School
MATH ESTIMATION FAIR — $400 each to Maurer Foundation and Progressive School
2017/2018 Service Triumphs! :
HALLOWEEN PARTY– $1000 for Ananda Marga Boys Home, India
FALL FESTIVAL — $800 each to Rurapuk (Peru) and Progressive School
MATH ESTIMATION FAIR– $1000 for indoor tower garden and Breast Cancer
5th GRADE STORE — $600 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, $100 to World Wildlife Fund
6th GRADE BAKE SALE–$300 to Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund
… and many more such as 1st Grade Bat Sale; Book Fairies Collection; Animal Shelter support, letters to lonely community members.