Progressive School reopening plan How can I help my child
to do his or her best?

Learn about positive
psychology’s research
on fixed and growth mind sets.
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What are the 13 outcomes
of a Progressive School education?
Natural Awakenings magazine:
Q and A with
the Director.
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2022-23 Supply Lists
Alumni blog:
ongoing interactions with
former students and grads.
Progressive School gets
an Imagination Playground
one of the only schools to have one.
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Pizza 2022-23
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My thoughts on state testing,
by the Director
Progressive School’s
technology initiative

makes front page of
the Merrick Herald Life.
Turn trash into toys for learning.
Some great ideas from Arvind Gupta.

New Clubs

Opting out of testing
at Progressive School,

by the Director
Principal gets
NY State Legislature
award on News12
Progressive Times
Final 2016 edition
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(rev. 03.28.23)
Our Theme
for 2019-2020

Every year has a special
focus topic at Progressive.
Progressive’s STUVOL
featured in Newsday.

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Gems of Neohumanism:
parts 1-3 in a series.
Progressive teacher gives keynote speech
at International Conference