Goldie Hawn has come out with a book that I think is a good read for teachers and parents alike. 10 MINDFUL MINUTES goes into how to help/guide children to be more socially, emotionally, and academically secure. Besides talking about the brain in terms that are clear and uncomplicated, she goes into topics like mindful breathing, optimism, kindness, empathy, etc.. The writing of this book came about from many of her experiences. She founded the Hawn Foundation and is an advocate for children. (Go to the Hawn Foundation site and watch the video.) Likely you may find instances in the book that are familiar because we deal with many of these type situations as teacher/psychologist. LF

Here’s a great song about testing. Not far from our philosophy either! –JL

from LR: I thought the following book was a great read; particularly for us, the chapters where the author describes his early school years. He went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for music criticism:
“Parallel Play…Growing up with Undiagnosed Asperger’s” by Tim Page
“My pervasive memory is an excruciating awareness of my own strangeness.”

From LF: While I greatly prefer the word “unity” to “tolerance,” this web site has lots of good ideas for your classroom to reduce bullying and increase love!
Teaching Tolerance
from LF:  Two excellent Netflix items I came across..One is great for the upper elementary grades that they have loved watching whenever time became available in the classroom.  “The Kindness Diaries” – is a 13-episode series about discovering the random kindness of strangers around the world.  The other is also a series for the adults to watch first, who would then make the decision about which parts the upper grade students could benefit from watching.  With English subtitles, “Merli”, is about an inspiring, rebellious philosophy professor and how he handles his high school students with regard to bullying, sexuality, respect, etc.  Both are excellent.