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Important Notes

* 9/9: first day of school

Natural Awakenings magazine:
a new article about
service at Progressive School.
How can I help my child
to do his or her best?

Learn about positive
psychology's research
on fixed and growth mind sets.
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More info for new families
on the blue menu above.
What are the 13 outcomes
of a Progressive School education?
Progressive School gets
an Imagination Playgound
one of the only schools to have one.
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Yearbook messages notice

Alumni blog:
ongoing interactions with
former students and grads.
Progressive grad Chapin reaches
semi-finals of
Intel Science competition:

her research was done
at Progressive School this year.
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full printable calendar

revised 5.05.16

holiday printable calendar
(monthly view)

My thoughts on state testing,
by the Director
Progressive School's
technology initiative

makes front page of
the Merrick Herald Life.
Turn trash into toys for learning.
Some great ideas from Arvind Gupta.

holiday printable calendar
(monthly view)

Opting out of testing
at Progressive School,

by the Director

Regional Network News
airs a piece about
Progressive School.

Watch it here.
Progressive Times
Winter 2016 edition
 Hot Lunch Understand our theme
for 2015-2016.

Every year has a special
focus topic at Progressive.
Progressive's STUVOL
featured in Newsday.

Help with homework.  before/after care
enrollment form
Gems of Neohumanism:
parts 1-3 in a series.
Progressive Student shines
in local newspaper.
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Progressive School of Long Island

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