In many spheres of life we see that people are having increasing difficulty acting for the long term, due to short term pressures.

A politician has an election coming up, an insurance provider has a quota to meet, and in education… there are the TESTS.

Testing should not be allowed to dictate curriculum, and despite what anyone protests to you, it is dictating–unless we don’t allow it to.

Think for the long term for big gains in education, as in any other sphere. Your academic goals for your child will be met by your child, not by you. These goals are like the luggage in the trunk of the car. Getting them to the destination requires a good engine. So… focus on the health of the engine!

The engine that drives academic achievement IN THE LONG TERM is motivation, sense of purpose, and self-worth. You might make gains by force in the short term, but rebellion will set in someday. Ask yourself these questions before initiating an academic endeavor: Will this inspire my child to become a life long learner? What will my child do when this short term pressure is removed? What attitude towards learning will this foster? What will be remembered from this activity?

These are the questions we ask ourselves at Progressive each day, and before each lesson. You should ask them too! Ask yourself these questions the next time you want the teacher to give more homework, or to drill them for an exam that only has the consequences we let it have.