2nd: Deborah Denson

Ms. Deborah has been at Progressive for 15 years.

She majored in journalism in college and was a book editor in the business world, prior to teaching. She always wanted to be a teacher, and teaches from the emotional space of a mother, her mindset being “this could be my child.”  She is very family oriented.

Ms. Deborah’s overriding belief is that everything comes from a place of love. She has such love for children and encourages them to always do their best while being as creative as they can be. She tries to provide fantastic learning experiences which always coordinate with art. She challenges her students in such exciting ways!

Ms. Deborah spends summers working at camps for children. Her hero was Dr. Martin Luther King and she encourages the children to find out about those heroes that truly make a difference in our world.  Ms. Deborah’s varied interests include reading, painting, swimming and writing. Despite a long commute she put her only child at Progressive School for all his elementary education.

D – dreamer, devoted, decorator, doer, dependable
E – educator, earnest, editor, empathetic, energetic
B – books, believer, busy, blessed
O – ocean, open, omnipresent
R – reader, responsible, real
A – adoring, arts and crafts, accepting
H – heartfelt, home, humane