3rd: Cynthia Maus

Cynthia has always loved learning and has an innate curiosity for life. When she was in third grade herself she would play teacher for her younger cousins, teaching them the things she learned that day in school. When she moved out of the area she went so far as to send her cousins packets to work on.

Cynthia started college in New Paltz for Art Education and transferred to Hunter College, where she received her Bachelors in Art Education. Cynthia went on to get her Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University. At Hofstra she was a Graduate Assistant. The professor she worked with became a strong influence on Cynthia’s teaching philosophy. Cynthia believes that every child learns differently and should be taught in a way that matches their learning style. She also believes that students should receive a well-rounded education, in order to become well-rounded adults.

When Cynthia moved to the Merrick area, she passed the Progressive School sign daily. The sign piqued her interest and she applied to the school. Cynthia brings an artistic flair to the classroom. She includes art in the projects and presentations she gives to her students.

She loves to take nature walks with her students and does a little gardening. Cynthia is known to us all for her sense of humor and dedication to Progressive’s themes and ideals.