Drama: Laura Carrington

LOVE is a little word that packs a lot of power!

I am forever grateful that my Guyanese parents fell in love and made New York their new home…

I am thankful that Lionel Ritchie chose me to portray a blind college student in his love song “Hello”…

I am proud to be married to photographer Anthony Barboza and to have 3 talented kids (who all loved attending Progressive School)… for all these things I feel blessed indeed.

With my BA from Amherst College in Theatre Arts and Psychology and my experiences in “the biz” I try to share my love and enthusiasm for the performing arts with your children.

Together, we explore and exercise our imaginations and they eventually get to know how much I love coffee, Kermit the frog, Shakespeare, incense, anything purple, and music from Baroque to Broadway.

The motto of my alma mater is a banner I faithfully and lovingly strive to pass on through the philosophy of the Progressive School- TERRAS IRRADIENT- “They Shall Enlighten the World.”