Social studies department head: Lou LaRusso

From the time he was in middle school, Lou knew he wanted to be a social studies teacher. Upon completing high school, he entered St. Joseph’s College in their program for secondary education where he graduated in the top 20 of his class. Wasting little time after graduation, he was then accepted into Saint John’s University to complete his M.A. in American history.

Most of Lou’s time is spent researching alternative perspectives to the common historical narratives commonly found in today’s textbooks. Since his biggest interests are the American Revolution and the New England Patriots, when he isn’t teaching he is most likely found somewhere in Boston.

Knowing not everyone can relate to the general American history story, Lou encourages his students to do their homework and find relatable stories within the grand scheme. An avid proponent of physical activity, Lou encourages work on both the mind and body to be complete and whole. While working as a substitute teacher for the last two years, Lou is happy to be at a school that he feels doesn’t let education get in the way of learning.