Music: Bruce Katz

As I enter my 13th year at Progressive, it is important for me to restate our school music programs mission statement: To encourage an enjoyment of music, whatever the style, and to ensure a firm educational base enabling a high degree of musicianship.

My goal, as a music teacher, is to bring out each students own connection to music and what I can do to further their appreciation of it. We will listen to music from different genres and artists and learn together about our musical history.

As a father of three young women, ages 31, 21, and 18, my musical appetite has been enhanced over the years. At the same time, my own education and personal preferences in the music that I grew to learn and admire, has had significant affect on my children as well.

I will continue to try to do the same with our kids at Progressive, keeping in mind that the most important aspect of sharing music with our children, is that it should be a source of joy and fun for everyone.

Here’s to another great year at a very special place, with a very special staff and student body.

Let’s have a wonderful 2018-2019!