A beautifully realized example

Dear Eric and Progressive Staff, Given my experience as a teacher and school administrator in both public and independent schools, in New York and California, I know the critical role schools can have in educating students on multiple levels, not just the intellectual. For students to be able to apply the intellectual knowledge and skills they gain and live a life of fulfillment and meaning, they must fully understand themselves on multiple levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that most schools neglect some or all of these aspects of their students’ development. Progressive represents a beautifully realized example of the successful implementation of Neohumanist educational principles and stands as a powerful beacon to Neohumanist schools worldwide. The pedagogical framework of Neohumanism empowers students to fully connect on the deepest levels with who they are and who they want to be.  Of equal importance, Progressive provides them with the resources to fully realize their highest goals and potential. I wanted to write a short note to express how much I enjoyed visiting with you and your staff these past few weeks. Your wonderful school is an inspiration and a model for schools, both public and independent, here in the United States and around the world, whether they are founded in principles of Neohumanist education or other educational theories. There is no question in my mind that students graduating from Progressive are empowered with the understanding and wisdom to live a life of meaning and purpose, fulfilling their God given potential in a way that uplifts themselves and humanity at large. Please express my gratitude to everyone on your staff on my behalf and communicate that much of what I have learned from them will be implemented in our new Neohumanist school and Teacher Training Center we are in currently creating in the Anse Rouge area of Haiti. On behalf of all of us in Haiti, we thank you. --Hanna Meadow, Director NHE training, Haiti