Pic of the Week

Upcoming: This week features the start of several new clubs. We also want to remind folks to SAVE THE DATE for World Day, noted below under Messages..

There are so many great, hands-on lessons happening each week that it is hard to highlight them all.  Just in Social Studies, last week 4th played the Colony Game, 3rd adopted states, and K “visited” Africa (see pics here).  This week 6th grade will take us to ancient Egypt on Thursday at a Special Assembly!

Progressive School had planned to start Phase 2 of our virus response when community spread instance of Coronavirus infection began to appear in Nassau County.  Since that occurred in the past couple of days, I will be sending out an email shortly outlining our further precautionary steps.  I don’t believe in overreacting to this new virus, but it is wise to take actions that reflect the potential dangers, and that serve health and hygiene with or without the new virus.  One aspect of our Phase 2 planning is preparing online instruction should the need arise. We will start training for that this week.

Week at a glance:

  • Monday- Strategy Game Club (start of session 3)
  • Tuesday- Big Ideas Club
  • Wednesday- Pizza Day
  • Thursday- Special Assembly: 6th grade Mummification; Rock Band
  • Friday- Breakfast Band; 3/4 trip leaves at 9:30

Best Links:     new clubs! (Big Ideas, Strategy Games, Scrabble, Crafts)

updated 10/25 printable calendar (with special events listed on back)

Recorder Book for grades 3 & 4

Messages: SAVE THE DATE: May 16: WORLD DAY (weather permitting)

Review: Last week we ended with our Family Sports Night!  It was a smashing success, with everyone having a good time playing basketball, floor hockey, and mostly tennis.  We were so busy having fun that we failed to take any pictures!  We had lots of alumni and former students attending, and raising over $2000 to help the school meet new expenses related to health and hygiene.  My special thanks to our sponsors the Khans, the Infrancas, and the Pelaez’s, and especially to my friend Wayne Feldman who has been helping me organize this for 15 years after his two children graduated Progressive.

Many of you know about our Imagination Playground, but have not seen it in action.  Enjoy our K collage of kids celebrating the return of nice outdoor weather at recess.

A heartfelt welcome back to Tristan Taveras (grade one) who we really missed, and a big welcome to Keira Pick (fourth grade) who joined our family last week.