Upcoming:   Event season is in full swing.  Keep up with the latest here on the website!  Here’s some extra color on this coming week’s events:

YEARBOOKS:  They are beautiful and they go on sale Monday for $20.  Only readers of my newsletter get first notice!  Others will be notified during the week–your reward for reading! THANK YOU!!

SHOWS:  Drama shows create lasting memories for all.  Children get rich, unforgettable, exciting experiences that directly relate to pronunciation, creativity, storytelling, comprehension, and vocabulary.  There is no better way to improve reading skills than trying to bring a book to life for a loving audience.  Just so you know, all the students in the school get to see the plays during the day.

SIBLING PICTURES: Group portrait photos of brothers and sisters together.

GRADUATION TRIP: Graduating 6th graders go to Lake Compounce in Connecticut for the day.

SPELLING BEE:  Representatives of each grade compete at their own spelling level in a school wide competition.

SCIENCE TEST:  The written portion of the 4th and 8th grade science test is given.

LIVING MUSEUM:  Second graders show off their research of historical heroes of humanity.

Pics of the Week

Week at a glance:

Monday: K-3 Quiet Time; 4th and 8th grade Science Testing; YEARBOOKS GO ON SALE $20
Tuesday: 4-8 QT; Sibling Picture Day
Wednesday: Pizza Day; 5th/6th grade show at 7pm followed by elementary graduation
Thursday: K-3 QT; Spelling Bee
Friday: 4-6 QT; 6th grade graduation trip; 2nd grade living museum

Best Links: See the Art Club projects!

Messages: UPCOMING SHOWS–all at 7pm:

5-6 plus 6th grade graduation       6/8
7-8 music show plus graduation   6/15

Review:  We had a cultural education in the entertaining show about how the Chinese Zodiac was created from 4th grade.