Upcoming:   We are closely watching the continuing declining numbers in the infection rate:

10/15/2021 DAILY CASES
PER 100,000
PER 100,000
Nassau County, N.Y. 19 –15%

0.09 -18%
Pics of the Week

If this trend continues, we will restart afterschool clubs.  Due to our small size and limited space, clubs require extensive mixing of grades in a limited area.  We want to avoid a quarantine situation, and especially one that encompasses several classrooms, so we are being cautious.

Week at a glance: 

Monday: QT for K-3
Tuesday: QT for 4-6
Wednesday: Pizza Day
Thursday: QT for K-3
Friday: QT for 4-6

Best Links: Music for 3/4 recorder practice at home

Messages:  PLEASE DON’T SEND YOUR CHILD SICK TO SCHOOL!  It forces us to send them back home, and require a test.  There is a lot of regular sickness going around, and we don’t want that to spread either.

Review:  We gave out a lot of food samples and they were gobbled up. Ask your child if they want Hot Lunch for the remainder of the year.

We welcome Adi Bhate to 4th grade.  In the pic, students in grades 4-6 tone their digestive systems at Quiet Time.