Upcoming:   This week has Field Trips for K, 1, and 3.  The Fall Festival is on Friday, followed by a drive-thru party at 4pm.

Please note that Parent-Teacher Conference Day is for parents only, and it will be in person on November 2.

We are closely watching the continuing declining numbers in the infection rate:

10/22/2021 DAILY CASES
PER 100,000
PER 100,000
Nassau County, N.Y. 16 –13% 0.09 +29%
Pics of the Week

If this trend continues, we will restart afterschool clubs.  Due to our small size and limited space, clubs require extensive mixing of grades in a limited area.  We want to avoid a quarantine situation, and especially one that encompasses several classrooms, so we are being cautious.

Week at a glance: 

Monday: QT for K-3; K/1 TRIP leaves at 9:10
Tuesday: QT for 4-6
Wednesday: Hot Lunch Super Rice
Thursday: QT for K-3; 3 TRIP leaves at 9:15
Friday: QT for 4-6; FALL FESTIVAL; TRUNK OR TREAT in the evening starting at 4

Best Links: Music for 3/4 recorder practice at home

Messages:  PLEASE DON’T SEND YOUR CHILD SICK TO SCHOOL!  It forces us to send them back home, and require a test.  There is a lot of regular sickness going around, and we don’t want that to spread either.

Review:  We gave out a lot of food samples and they were gobbled up!  Ask your child if they want Hot Lunch for the remainder of the year.

We welcome Emma Lopez-Fenty to Kindergarten!

In the pics, we get a candid glimpse in K/1 class, Spanish class, 2/3 recess fort building. K/1 and 6 do buddy sharing.