Pic of the Week

Upcoming: This week marks the beginning of a stretch of 7 weeks uninterrupted by holidays that I like to call PRIME TIME, often the most significant stretch of the school year for personal and academic development.  Please DO NOT bring your child to school late or take them out early if you can at all avoid it!

We will this week with a great sports party at Sportime Lynbrook on Saturday.  There is a gym area for parents who want to work out, tennis with instructors and a multi-sport room.  Food is provided.  Flyers were emailed and a copy can be found below under Best Links.  The party is open to all friends and family members.

Week at a glance:

  • Monday- Hula Club
  • Tuesday- Big Ideas Club; 2 trip leaves at 9:30
  • Wednesday- Pizza Day
  • Thursday- Rock Band 2; Robotics Club
  • Friday- Breakfast Band; 2 trip leaves at 9:45
  • Saturday- Family Sports Night 7pm-12am, Sportime Lynbrook

Best Links: Stop and Shop A+ School Rewards (you food shop, they donate)

Family Sports Night

Recorder Music for grades 3 & 4

Art Club 3

Messages: MOVIE NIGHT ALSO COMING ON MARCH 29 – $ to fight Climate Change

Review: We had a lovely Valentine’s Day thanks in part to the 2nd grade Post Office.  Students also celebrated the 100th school day in many classes, as pictured above.

Sadly, Ms. Benay broke her ankle and missed Valentine Week.  She is recovering from surgery and expected to return by March 11.

While school was closed last week, things rarely stop at school, and a number of critical repairs and equipment upgrades were worked on.  Our signs on Little Whaleneck Road were repaired, and a new angled intercom is being installed at the front door.  Next project–pothole repair!