Do you know how Multiple Intelligences were discovered at Harvard University?  It began as a national research project to investigate the use of the Arts in public school teaching.  The initiative was named Project Zero to reflect how much was known, and how being implemented when it came to the use of the Arts as a serious cognitive activity.  Since then brain research has shown that there are at least nine distinct forms of human intelligence. and two of them fall squarely in the field of the Arts: Musical Intelligence and Visual-Spatial Intelligence.

To enhance these, more than a special pullout once a week is needed.  Art, Music, and Drama need to be incorporated into everyday teaching.   Who would make the effort to do that?  Well, we would for one.

In addition to having several goals within the Arts, we find that extensive use of the Arts in main subjects also helps to accomplish some of our other intangible goals: self-confidence, self-constructivity, and universal outlook.  Such a program allows students with Musical and Visual-Spatial Intelligence to shine, while expanding their minds with a broad exposure to great cultural achievements of the world.  A student with Aesthetic Sensitivity becomes a creative thinker, is well versed in the Arts, and is aware of the beauty in many cultures and in all its variety of expressions.

Graduates routinely report that having such inner Aesthetic Sensitivity leads to rewarding involvement in the Arts in high school and college through drama, painting, graphic design, music, and more.

This is accomplished at Progressive School during the formative years through:

  • a curriculum that integrates the Arts into regular subjects
  • a program that values the Arts beyond the teaching of “Specials”
  • cultivation of creativity in all subjects
  • delegating significant time to dramatic presentations which incorporate all art forms together

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