The word integrity comes from the Latin word for whole. To be whole means to have the inner and the outer person be one and the same. A person with integrity has their thinking, speech, and actions aligned. Another meaning of integrity is firmness in moral principles.

A person with integrity is, above all, honest. An honest person is someone you can depend on. Such an individual attracts the respect and admiration of others, and has the power to help others transform themselves in a positive way. A person may achieve high grades and test scores without having integrity. In a system that values scores above all else, integrity may get sacrificed.

We, at Progressive School, would never allow such a thing to happen. One must learn to be honest with one’s achievements and knowledge. If that fails to satisfy, then one’s discontent should be turned towards self-improvement. This ultimately leads to real achievement, and lasting contentment.

A student with integrity will show kindness to others and garner positive attention due to their winning personality. They are likely to have unusual offers come their way–doors that remain shut to others are cordially opened for them. The quality of integrity has led many a Progressive School graduate into prestigious universities and job opportunities.

Students who frequent talk about this quality being assimilated into their lives in early childhood attribute it to:

  • placing primary importance on the character of teachers hired
  • having many healthy models early in life to emulate later on
  • a clear moral curriculum that is also put into practice
  • being educated in a small, nurturing environment

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