The first and most frequently reported of these intangible qualities is an inclination towards service.  Our alumni habitually care about the world around them.  They feel a sense of responsibility for utilizing their personal resources wisely and unselfishly.

The result of this quality is that they are often engaged in service initiatives.  They garner attention, publicity, and college interest in the process.  They learn to network with others, and also develop many personal contacts.  This opens myriad doors of opportunity.  Just take a peek at our in the news section to see what graduates have recently been up to.   Haiti, Nicaragua, Ghana, Togo, Peru, China, India, Israel, England, and Brazil are just some of the places they have worked in.  Our graduates are involved!

The alumni reflect that this characteristic was nurtured at Progressive though the following special activities:

  • meditation
  • STUVOL (2 year course in student volunteering for 7th and 8th graders)
  • service-based instructional lessons
  • very broad social studies curriculum with a Neohumanist approach (this develops critical thinking and the ability to step outside one’s preconceptions based on geo- and socio-identity)
  • being educated with love
  • having interesting and unusual guest speakers

You might wonder what the connection is between meditation and service.  Moving the mind towards consciousness, and away from matter, brings a sense of unity with the consciousness of all things.  It is ironic, but true, that looking within can make one want to reach out to others!

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