I was taught the most important life lessons

There are so many things I would like to say to all of you, but you would be reading for hours!  I really just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what Progressive has done for my life.  I may not have conceived how entirely special the school was when I was younger, but after I moved on I realized the influence it had on my life. At Progressive not only did I make great friends, and learn, I was taught the most important life lessons, and treated with respect.  When I moved on to public school I saw how different the kids were from the students at Progressive. I did not feel the same sense of intelligence, acceptance, love, and care that I had known in all my other years of grade school. The six years I spent at Progressive have made a permanent influence on my life.  I will never forget any teachers, friends, field trips, school plays, field days, fun at Baldwin Park, or the mornings of quiet time.  Art with Melanie, Spanish and crafts with Eva, and music with Dr. Rothgarber and Amy are also memories that I will cherish. I remember everything so vividly. After all these years I am finally done with school.  I graduated from W.T. Clarke High School with honors and a high ranking.  I am now attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for my artwork.  My good grades and my love for art would not exist if it wasn’t for Progressive --Sky B., graduate