Practically perfect

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the wonderful teachers and this great school. You have made my stay at Progressive a very enjoyable one. My experience at Progressive will never be forgotten, for this school is very special and unique in every way. I'm very sad that I am leaving the school that I love so much. I had a very great six years at Progressive and I've learned so much from them. With this knowledge, kids could outsmart any other kid from any other school in the whole entire world. Even though our school looks small, once you go inside, that changes. It turns into a place where learning and imagination are fun. At this school, size doesn't matter because our school looks great anyway. I need to go to a different school now. I wish the day had never come. For six years seems like a long time, but to me it feels as if I've just begun. Everyday since Kindergarten I wondered what it would feel like to go to Middle School, but now I don't want to leave. I wish that EVERY child could share the experience that I've had at Progressive. This would make every child smile and jump for joy. Keep up the great work with the school and try not to change that much, because it's practically perfect in every way. --Sydney B., graduate